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Individual and Professional Medical Care

Major Services

We provide a diverse range of services and procedures under the supervision of highly qualified surgeons and specialists of the field of dermatology and plastic (aesthetic) surgery.

Laser Hair Removal

This latest technique is to remove excess hair is known as Laser and light hair removal which effectively and safely destroys unwanted hair from any part of your body.

Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic injectables do wonders to remove the signs of premature aging and intrinsic aging to your skin without you having to undergo massive surgical procedures.

PRP for Face and Body

PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy for the face has gained a lot of popularity. It is commonly known as the vampire facial

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a simple and minimally invasive surgery by which fat can be relocated from one area of your body (mostly buttocks) to the sites has lost its volume.


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Fillers are a popular way to get enhanced and more attractive lips and can also having a beautifully sculpted nose.


HiFU uses ultrasound waves to heat up the different structures of skin tighten the loose skin on any part of your body

Hair PRP

Hair PRP is an innovative technique that involves extraction of blood from your own body and spinning it to separate platelets and plasma from it.


This surgical techniques involves removing excessive skin and fat from eyelids to make them look younger

Facial Rejuvention

Face lifts, brow lift, chin reshaping, laser therapy and chemical peels can greatly improve and rejuvenate your face- making you look years younger


it is mostly used for lines and wrinkles of forehead , glabellar area , around eyes (crow’s feet ) upper part of nose (bonny lines ), lips (smoker’s lips) and chin

Body Contouring

It targets key areas that are notorious for gaining all that extra weight and is left hanging after months of hard work.

Body Uplift

We offers services for the skin, face, whole body and breasts along with various other procedures and services that pertain to beautification

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