What we do to increase patients trust

Zaitoon Hospital offers or clients the best in skin care. We extend our care even outside the hospital. Our specialists take pride in acquiring new techniques and skills for treating patients and their knowledge is at par to the leading skin care specialist all over the world. The machinery and equipment we use at our skin care hospital is up to date and the latest in the market. We maintain our equipment and make sure it is running at the best of its capacity by regularly getting it checked by qualified engineers. We have employed various facilities all over the hospital to further facilitate our clients in the process of consultation.

Our mission comprises of following points

Vision & Mission

We aim to provide the latest innovations in skincare and aesthetic surgery to our valued clients and one day develop into one of the leading skincare Hospital in the world. Our mission is to diagnose and treat all skin diseases as well as provide aesthetic surgical procedures to those who opt for them. To help with our mission we have a highly qualified board of staff members who have the highest qualifications in this arena. .

Who We Are

Zaitoon Hospital is run under the guidance of Dr. Saboor who specializes in Dermatology and Subspecializes in Cosmetic Surgery. He has had a long career in Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery after getting his degree in Medicine. After running a thriving practice in Kabul, Afghanistan, Dr. Saboor decided to open a private practice in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has learnt various surgical techniques and treatments from International liaisons.

Our Values

Our values are similar to all ethical physicians - Do no harm. We practice safe health and skin care and take pride in our work. We offer comprehensive consultation where we discuss all aspects of the various procedures and treatments and make sure all of them are not only safely executed but also make sure the client is completely satisfied. Our values are mirrored by all our staff- surgeons, nurses and paramedical staff. We welcome all those looking for aesthetic procedures and treatment of all skin diseases.

Our objectives are simple and set but they all aim towards a single goal- to satisfy and provide the best skin care services to our valued clients.

To uphold and maintain the patient-physician relationship as the cornerstone of our objectives. One-on-one interaction with surgeons and physicians enable our clients to trust us and leave satisfied.

To make our clients feel comfortable and safe. They should know they are in good hands and once they hand themselves over to our care, we make sure that everything is done in their best interest, keeping their health our first and foremost goal.

To maintain an open environment that encourages learning and research to provide the best treatments and procedures that are up-to-date.

To provide cutting edge technology and skilled personnel to provide the best skin care procedures and post procedure care.

We welcome all those looking for aesthetic procedures and treatment of all skin diseases.

We strictly adhere to patients’ wishes and are always looking out for our clients’ well-being and safety. We provide all procedures in a sterile and safe environment and under the guidance of consultants and specialists.
We do not provide procedures to those who they may harm. We believe that we should provide safe consultation to our patients and advise them the best possible course for them to take.
We take pride in our work and believe this pride can be shared by our clients by helping them feel comfortable with their bodies. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients leave happy.