Dr. Saboor Saber's Achievements & Certificates

Dr. Saboor Saber

has had a passion to provide innovative skin care to all from the start. It took him 2 decades to open his own skin care hospital in Kabul. He began his journey slowly but surely, 17 years back by gaining knowledge in the areas of medical management, policy making, epidemiology, biostatistics and surveillance in Agha Khan University of Karachi of Pakistan. By keeping knowledge as the solid foundation of his plans, he moved forward after sufficiently gaining experience in medical management and furthered his plans.

Joined a team of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons from abroad primarily from USA. These medical experts had come to Afghanistan to provide Reconstructive procedures free of cost to the needy people of Afghanistan. These years spent with the charity program was a great learning experience as Dr. Saboor picked up techniques from the team. After this marvelous exchange of knowledge Dr. Saboor began to feel like his mission was yet to be completed in the field of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. He believed there should be more to help the needy people of Afghanistan and therefore, he joined the Dermatology department of Ibn e Sina Emergency Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. This is where he put in efforts to combine Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology- for the first time in the history of Afghanistan. He began to work in both fields and gained knowledge from the seniors in both departments. These years further honed his skills and this is where he successfully carried out most operations and treatments. Some of his most notable achievements would include effectively treating severe and life threatening skin diseases and providing surgeries for disabling problems such as skin cancers, burn and traumatic contractures. Almost all results were remarkable and notable as very few people focus on the aesthetic implications of these life-altering diseases. Dr. Saboor Saber provided free of cost treatments to all needy people and carries on providing burn repair surgery and keloid treatment free of cost.

He moved forward and laid the foundation of his own skin hospital. Even though it began as a small, local clinic, Dr. Saboor had a clear mission in mind. He believes one day he would be able to develop this hospital into one of the leading skin care and research centers in the region.

He has achieved this dream but there still a long way to go. Today the center is the home to some of the most innovative skin care techniques and treatment, where a lot of people are diagnosed and treated every day. Efforts are still underway to make this hospital into one of the leading centers of research and training. Dr. Saboor believes that we only succeed in our mission in life when we have successfully passed on our knowledge to younger generations. He has now opened a Skin Care hospital in Afghanistan, to provide the patients in this area sound diagnosis and treatment of various skin problems as well as various procedures in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Saboor believes skin care should not be limited to a few people as disease does not see how heavy our pockets are before striking. In this spirit he treats several needy patients free of cost. He regularly attends various conferences worldwide where he is able to exchange and further gain knowledge from various experts from all over the world. Dr Saboor has training certificates from several standard and well known institutions from different countries. He is a member of Emirate Dermatology and Laser Association and he has the membership of IMCAS and Pakistan Association of Dermatologists as well.

Zaitoon Hospital is run under the guidance of Dr. Saboor who specializes in Dermatology and Subspecializes in Cosmetic Surgery. He has had a long career in Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery after getting his degree in Medicine. After running a thriving practice in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has learnt various surgical techniques and treatments from International liaisons. He has a vast experience in Dermatology and various skin diseases. He has a passion to help the poor and treats various diseases free of cost for those who really need it.